LuLu Chronicles

Hey, friends,


       The LuLu Chronicles was a blog I wrote for over five years. LuLu was the pink bike my husband gave me for my 60th birthday. While riding LuLu along country roads I gleaned much about life and other stuff and shared it on the blog. However, four years ago I lost my husband to cancer and LuLu Chronicles changed. The blog became a chronicling of my grief journey warts and all. I shared my journey for two reasons: First, I’m a writer. I found great solace in writing my thoughts and feelings and eventually healing. Second, if my journey could help others navigate the waters of grief then all the better. 

       I hope you take your time in reading these entries. Some will make you laugh, others will bring tears, but it is my hope that what you read will serve as a tender hand to hold as you walk through this thing called ‘life’.

       I would be honored if you shared them with others you think might benefit from them. And, I would love to hear from you as well as you make your way through these entries.

       Good luck. God bless. 

PS. My new blog can be found at:

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