I’m ba-a-ck!

I wrote a blog faithfully for five years. Then I ran out of words. Well, that’s not true. I ran out of words I wanted to share. My husband died and for two years I shared everything I was feeling, seeing, and smelling on my grief journey. But then I stopped. My next phase of mourning was just between me and God alone.

Now two years later, words and ideas are once again circling and begging to land. I’m still grieving, but I’m also still a writer and my heart is yearning to get back out there and set you people straight. Just kidding, but I do have some things to share, some funny, some tender, some actually insightful and some I should probably just keep to myself, but I won’t. (sorry, kids)

Life is short. Happiness fleeting. Joy illusive. Each day is full of pitfalls. Yet, stripped down to nothing but my hurt and heart, getting up in the mornings is still preferable. I have found that each day, if I stay diligent, l can discover pieces of me that long to live, to give, to share, to love, and to be. And that, dear friends, is a miracle in my book.

I make no apologies for my faith. I believe in a God who has seen me through a dark, damp, and damaged period of my life. But, don’t feel sorry for me, please. God doesn’t. I am convinced there hasn’t been a turn in my life that has surprised Him. It’s surprised me, but not Him. We, created beings, were made for this battle called life. Those before us were given the armor, the weapons and the battle plan. They were given a pillar of fire at night to warm them and a cloud over head during the day to protect them. (I’m assuming you know your Old Testament.) They were given food, water, clothes and shelter. Then God sealed the deal with the promise to never, ever, ever leave them alone. That promise to those who believe has stood the test of time for centuries. During the last four years, I have called Him on that promise many times and He has never disappointed me, no matter the tears, hurt, blood, wailing, anger, lonliness, regret, and my own obstinance.

So my life continues. I’d like to share it with you. I promise to make you laugh, maybe shed a tear or two, and on the odd day maybe we will trip over a bit of wisdom along the way.

I’ve got lots to talk to you about. I got a brand-spanking new knee and a new ride. I can’t wait to introduce you to ‘Gerp’, my traveling writing room (TWR). We’re going places! But, all in good time.

Who’s with me?



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