Unleash the wonder

I hope this brand new year has gotten off to a good start for you. It’s a little daunting isn’t it, to have a blank slate placed in front of you that you can do anything with? Start over? Stay the course? Explore? Heal? Fall in love.? Be kind? Be bold? Dry the tears? Face the fear? With new beginnings, everything is possible.

As a writer, I get that same feeling of anticipation every time I sit down in front of my computer screen, whether it’s to begin a new story or when page one is filled and page two is waiting, vacant, clean, ready for me to type the next word at the top of the page. I love that, the beginning, the discovery, the peeling away of a truth wanting to be found.

I was married to a great storyteller, the king of the illustration. He told a story once of a little boy watching an artist chip away at a huge marble stone. Each day the boy would pass the artist’s studio and peek in through the window to see what was emerging from the stone. Over time, he watched a giant paw take form at the bottom of the slab. It wasn’t long until three more powerful paws materialized. One day, the boy was thrilled to see a massive head begin to take shape. Eventually, mane, muscle and muzzle came into view and what was once just a slab of hard, cold, stone shifted into dimension, texture and minute detail. Eyelashes, a long, thick, tail that curved around the beast’s fearsome paws. Teeth, claws, ears, and an expression of majesty took hold of the wide face that now appeared to be looking outward, on guard, and intelligent. Finally, the sculpture was complete and the whole village gathered around for the unveiling. The artist was not surprised to see the boy standing in front of the crowd. He walked over to him and asked, “Well, after all this time, what do you think?” The boy slowly walked around the sculpture taking in every detail. “Well?” asked the artist again. To his surprise, the boy had only one question. He stepped back and pointed toward the masterpiece and said, “Mister, how did you know that lion was in there?”

Discovery. Creation. Vision. Determination. Dream. Fearlessness. Trust in yourself and the One who made you, and the lion in the stone will come to you.

2019––unleash the wonder.


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