a God-Thing

This morning I was awaken by the sound of Jesus playing a piano right outside my camper window. He sat out under a mesquite tree at an old upright piano and lightly ran his fingers over the keys. The delicate melody floated through the walls of the Traveling Writing Room, filling up corners and cabinets and tea cups, bidding me to open my eyes and greet the day.

Once fully awake, I realized it wasn’t Jesus I heard, but close. Instead, it was a golden-cheek warbler that sat on a gnarled branch singing me an original tune. This particular type of warbler is a migratory bird and in March nests nowhere else in the world but in Central Texas. The warbler is just passing through on its way somewhere else. What are the odds that the golden-cheek warbler and I would migrate to Boerne, Texas at exactly the same time? And, I am just passing through as well. Must be a God-thing.

I’ve had many ‘God-thing’ moments in my life, as I’m sure you have. We tend to think of them as serendipitous moments, pleasant surprises, near miracles. However, I happen to know from experience, not all ‘God-thing’ moments are pleasant. In fact, they can be downright hurtful, confusing and sometimes faith-shaking.

Recently, I’ve suffered a huge disappointment. The book I’ve labored over for the past three years was rejected by an agent I had hoped to work with. I know if we compare world hunger to a book rejection, my hurt comes nowhere close. But it still hurts. My hopes and dreams hinged on finding a champion to represent this book to publishers. But, after phone calls, emails and texts back and forth for many months, it was a no-go. I expected a yes-go. I prayed for a yes-go but what I got was a shake of His holy head.

It sure felt like a God-thing when I found this agent, so is losing this agent also a God-thing? I know scripture says He causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust, but shouldn’t He, at the very least, have left me with an umbrella? Doesn’t limiting God’s power to just a bestower of good make Him more like Santa Claus than the Great I Am?

I don’t want to be that gal, so I accept both from God and trust both, the good and the not-so-good, as opportunities to honor Him.

My excursion into ‘snowbirding’ has been everything I had hoped. Reconnecting with dear friends, traveling at a relaxing pace, and unexpected learning experiences. Yet, my hope of traveling to warmer climates and sunshine have yet to materialize. I have no idea where the south has moved but it hasn’t been to Texas. See? The good and the not so good. The God I believe in turns all into blessing…eventually… if I don’t die first or at the very least freeze my tushy off.



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