Holy Ground

Mom has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and I have been taking care of her for about a month now. You may have heard me describe this journey as a Holy Ground experience. It has dawned on me, though, that some of you may not know what I’m talking about. Holy Ground, what do I mean?

(Photo: Mom and her babies.)

Holy Ground is a biblical term. Probably the most well-known mention of it in scripture is when Moses climbed up on Mount Sinai and saw the infamous burning bush. God tells Moses to take off his sandals because he is standing in the presence of the Great I AM. As far as I’m concerned, wherever God’s feet touch down becomes holy. Whether it is the rocky ground of Sinai or the linoleum floors of a nursing home hallway.

I think of today’s Holy Ground experiences as those events where God stands near, where if one would just scratch the air with a finger there would be God. Certainly, at every birth of a child, God stands near, escorting that infant fresh from His arms. How about in dangerous moments, like when a pilot announces the right engine has died? Could God be near?

When we are at our most vulnerable, God is at His most powerful, a hint that all shoes should be removed. The last days of a person’s life is the mostly holy of holies, don’t you think? We are powerless to stop it. No medicine can reverse it. Prayers have already been answered. And, the only thing left to do is to recognize where we are, but more importantly, where HE is.

I can no longer deny the burning bush in front of me. Every breath my mother now inhales comes from God’s own lungs. He stands near. Her entire apartment is the summit of Mount Sinai. And for this girl, it is time to untie my shoes.

Mom and I wait for the Bush to speak.


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