Who will we be afterwards?

Easter Sunday came and went. As so many have said and written about, this was one for the books. Empty churches everywhere. For many, this type of holiday is the only time they do go to church; like Christmas, those who believe in Jesus give Him his due. If that works for you, that’s fine. But it doesn’t work for me.

I was a preacher’s wife. Church every Sunday and Wednesday and several other times was a requirement for me. At least that’s what some would say. Someone even said to my husband once, “Yeah, I’d come to church more often, too, if I got paid to come like you.” I have a hard time not biting folks who think like that.

It gives me joy when at times like these, when faith and prayer get mentioned a lot in the media. Even our Vice President recommended as one of the ways to fight the affects, mentally and emotionally, of this crisis we find ourselves in, is to pray and go to church. Of course, he meant to go to church at a distance. He even said that there are a myriad of churches offering their worship services either live stream or on YouTube or other ways. The Vice President of the United States mentioned ‘church’ on air and acknowledged the power of faith in times like these. And, not one news outlet criticized him for it. Wow.

So, as I was saying, I was a preacher’s wife. For forty-two years, I taught Sunday school in some shape or form. My church celebrated Easter every Sunday and offered communion in remembrance of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. I even baked the communion bread from time to time and prepared those little cups with juice that would be passed around.

After my husband died from cancer six years ago, I didn’t stop going to church. I was no longer a preacher’s wife. No longer ‘required to attend’. I could be like the rest of ‘em sitting in the pews or not. Yet, I still went every Sunday. You see, it was never a requirement to me. It was the yearning of the heart. Jesus died for me so I live for Him. Worshipping collectively was part of that, not the only part by far, but foundational to my faith. Going to church is in my DNA, literally. God created me and I have no doubt He left a little bit of himself in me. However, it was up to me to discover it.

Yes, Easter has come and gone, but has it really? People keep talking about what America will look like after this crisis is past. What did we learn? Who will we be afterwards? How will we have changed? Well, I’d like to think once this scare is behind us, that our vocabulary will have changed; that we have reinstated the words church, prayer, faith, belief, and Jesus. And, the news media will no longer have a hissy fit about it.

I pray your Easter Sunday was filled with peace and encouragement. And I pray next Easter Sunday will be too, you know, this coming Sunday.

Later, dear ones,


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