Plant Something1

Plant Something!

Guess what I’m going to do this afternoon? I’m going to buy flowers! I’m going to suit up in my mask and garden gloves and head over to the green house not far from here and pick me out red geraniums, tons of them. I might even buy another rose bush. My kids got me one for Mother’s Day and I’m thinking it needs a friend. Then I’m going to get something yellow, lots of yellow flowers. And, then those little flowers that look like tiny roses but are succulents and love the sun. Those little plants that shoot straight up and come in various colors, purple, red, gold, orange. Yep, those babies are going to be mine. I’ll get some of those spikey plants you put in arrangements to give it height. Oh, and petunias! Periwinkles, of course. And, the list goes on.

As you can see, I hardly know the names of any flowers. I buy by color and if they prefer shade or sun. Of course, that doesn’t mean much to mean to me. I put them where I want them and will them to live. I’m going to take my trowel in hand, pick out the perfect pot and plant and arrange. It will be glorious!

These have been a difficult few months, right? We’re all in the same boat. Most of us have sheltered in place, practiced social-distancing, and ordered groceries online. Our outside contact has been minimal. And, those efforts have worked. The virus is leveling out. But, the danger is not over by any means. People are still getting sick and sadly, many are still dying. The virus has found a way to mutate and manifest itself in different ways making more folks vulnerable to its clutches. How it is attacking children now is frightening. But, there is hope on the horizon. I have every confidence a vaccine will be found sooner rather than later. What we as a nation do in the next few months will determine the course of who we are going to be. Some feel it’s time to get off the porch and join the masses. Others feel more caution is called for. As is every issue we as a nation have faced, there are two sides. The pendulum swingers, those yah-ers and those nay-ers. But, I believe it will be the folks in the middle who become the stabilizers, who get us through to the other side. Common sense, due diligence, love for our neighbors, and selflessness will save us; as will courage, fearlessness, and faith. Choose your side if you must, but always with respect and the Golden Rule as your guide.

Back to my point. I’m venturing out for the first time. I am going to buy flowers. The sign out front of the nursery says social-distancing will be enforced. I will wear a mask. And the joy that planting things of beauty will give my soul, will see me through another day of this unprecedented era we find ourselves.

Love one another. Take care of each other. Be safe. Be well. And, I highly recommend planting a red flower in a pot.



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