Peace Be Still

I didn’t post an entry last week. I have no good excuse except, I had no gumption. This pandemic and the longer it drags out and changes our world, the more it messes with our psyche. It has tried its best to peck away at the best part of ourselves. On any given day we are in danger of imploding and forgetting who we are, what we stand for, what we believe, and how we behave.

This past week has been one that has ‘tried men’s souls’. Another brutal murder of an African-American at the hands of a police officer has ripped us apart, literally. Of course, we all know it goes way beyond recent events. It is a sickness no less harmful than COVID-19, a sickness that has pecked away at our humanity for as long as we have been a country. I correct myself- for as long as we have been on this earth. When Cain raised his clinched fist over his brother, Abel, and struck him dead, evil seeped from the heart of Satan and even now roams among us preying on our weaknesses. But, there are days, the evil doesn’t win. Those days, our best selves win. We love. We embrace. We aid. We weep. We laugh. We give. We worship. We sing. We are the selves God intended us to be.

But then…

There are those days when this physical earth has too tight a grip on us. We forget we are sons and daughters of a King. We forget how to love. We forget how to turn the other cheek. We forget how to put others first. We forget all lives matter. Black. White. And, all those lovely ones in between. Our fear gives way to fanatical reflexes. Our laziness of spirit hinders our efforts to understand each other. Our hatred gets flamed by a hand that is not Divine, but rather dripping in poison and blinding by nature. On those days, we become a people that make our Great God weep in shame and sorrow.

The only grace I see in this is that with each sunrise we get to choose Who and what owns our souls. Evil or Good. Hatred or Love. Forgiveness or Revenge. Healing or Pain. God or Nothing.

We get to choose. The baby that God places in a womb is never a murderer or a thief. We are born pure of heart, gasping for life, full of trust, reaching outward for another’s hand. The rest is up to us.

I’m hurting for the families who have lost loved ones from this sickness of COVID and Hatred. I hurt for the rest of us who find ourselves in the eye of this terrible storm. What can we do? What should we do? How can we do it? Let’s start with this: Tonight, dear friends, let’s fall to our knees and thank our God for the hope of tomorrow’s sunrise.

Peace be still,


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