I was having a hard time coming up with a title of this blog entry that didn’t sound same-old like Thanksgiving, Thankfulness, Gratefulness, Give Thanks, right? A title that truly expressed how I felt as the holiday arrived.

Stop. Yep, that’s it. Stop. Just stop it. Stop running. Stop talking. Stop wanting. Stop needing. Stop working. Stop napping. Stop begging. Stop crying. Stop hurting. Stop grabbing. Stop arguing. Stop shouting. Stop moping. Stop hoarding. Stop hating… and the list goes on. Just stop.

Stop! Look around you right this minute and what do you see? I mean, really see. As I’m writing this I’m at the dining table. My four-year-old grandson is sitting across from me on an iPad making frogs jump onto lily pads or some such silliness. Three other grandchildren are in the basement playing a board game amid muffled laughter and taunting. My daughter-in-law is in another room making her final grocery list for the Thanksgiving meal. The new pup and the old dog keep stealing each other’s treats with snarls and nips. My son is still at work.

Stop. What do you see that you so often see but lose sight off? Stop and see. Stop and listen. Stop and open yourself up to this day, this time, this moment. Stop and just be. Breathe in. Smell the smells. Feel the cushion you’re sitting on, the warmth of that tattered sweater you love, and the socks on your feet.

Stop. Where are you right now? At work? At home? On the couch? In bed? Eating supper? Sitting in the sun? Wearing your oldest and most comfortable jeans? Who is there with you? A friend, spouse, child, parent, pet? Stop. See them, really see them.

Be still. Pray the prayer of one who stops and sees.



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