The other night I couldn’t sleep so I read the book of Daniel. You remember the story of Daniel and the lion’s den from Sunday school, don’t you? Here’s the abbreviated version: Daniel was a Jew in exile and became a slave to King Nebuchadnezzar. The king had a reoccurring dream that started to drive … Continue reading Fearless


Since last week a word has been going through my head non-stop. The word is ‘recess’. I substituted in first grade on Friday and I heard it a lot. After attendance, the kiddos tried to convince me it was recess time. After snack, thirty minutes later, they tried again to convince me a brief recess … Continue reading Recess

Go Be Youi

Last week’s blog declared my intention to be more intentional when it came to God’s calling on my life. I had run and hidden enough. Well, I’m off! I am now certified to substitute teach in my home town school district. I spent two days in the classroom last week and I’ve accepted assignments all … Continue reading Go Be Youi