Photo by Jessica Lynn Lewis on Today my writing room is in Minnesota. I'm sitting on a couch with a cozy blanket, feet propped up and gazing out the front windows at a frozen lake layer with snow like icing on a cake. In the middle of the lake sits a lone ice fisherman … Continue reading Peace


I was having a hard time coming up with a title of this blog entry that didn’t sound same-old like Thanksgiving, Thankfulness, Gratefulness, Give Thanks, right? A title that truly expressed how I felt as the holiday arrived.Stop. Yep, that’s it. Stop. Just stop it. Stop running. Stop talking. Stop wanting. Stop needing. Stop working. … Continue reading Stop


How can December be all cheery and bright and January be like a cave full of bat dung? Perspective. All in the eyes of the beholder. These last few years I’ve struggled to keep positive, to keep moving forward, to bloom where I’m planted, to look on the bright side, see the silver lining, accept … Continue reading Choose